Training Labs

Pesticide Quality Control Lab AARI, Faisalabad

Pesticide Quality Control Labs has been established in Faisalabad, Kala Shah Kaku, Multan, Bhalwalpur Districts to provide a service for the analysis of pesticide products to assure compliance with their authorised specification.

Pesticide Residue Lab, Kala Shah Kaku

Pesticide Residue Research Lab Kala Shah Kaku was established for assessing pesticide residues in food, fruits, vegetables, and economic crops and other agricultural commodities

Soil and Water Testing Laboratories

Soil testing is a more rapid and simple way to evaluate the fertility status and optimum requirement of fertilizers for good yield and to identify the specific soil problems which may be eradicated through cultural practices or by the addition of soil amendments.

Government of the Punjab established soil and water testing laboratories at district level in March, 1981 in order to meet the needs of the farmers, which are rendering their services to the farmers. Soil samples are collected from farmer’s field on their request and analyzed for physical and chemical characteristics in laboratory at nominal fee. The farmers are advised to improve the soil fertility on the basis of analysis report and to get high yield by applying recommended doses of fertilizers.

The main objectives of Soil & Water Testing Laboratory:

  • To suggest measures through soil testing advisory services for the improvement of soil fertility using suitable fertilizers and avoiding extra expenditure
  • To evaluate the fertility status and other physiochemical characteristics of different soils
  • To control the salinity
  • To analyze the sub soil water for the suitability for irrigation purpose
  • To evaluate the fertility status of different soils
  • To render the facilities for each farmers for the analysis of his soil on nominal rates
  • To diagnose the soil problem and advise the farmers for its reclamation through suitable amendments