Directorate General Agriculture (Research), AARI, Faisalabad

Directorate General Agriculture (Extension & AR)

Directorate General Agriculture (Water Management)

Directorate General Agriculture (Field)

Directorate General Agriculture (Pest Warning & Quality Control of Pesticides)

Directorate General Soil Survey of Punjab

  • Soil Surveys and Mapping (at Reconnaissance, Semi-detailed, Detailed and Ultra detailed level)
  • Land Use Surveys
  • Land Resources Inventories and Land Evaluation
  • Land Use Planning
  • Assessment of Agricultural Development Potential
  • Land Reclamation and Soil Improvement
  • Physical/ Chemical Analyses of Soils and Water (for Agriculture Purpose)
  • Soil Management Practices
  • Salinity Surveys
  • Thematic Mapping (e.g. Land Use, Vegetation, Soil)
  • Special Purpose Mapping (Suitability Maps)
  • User Defined GIS Applications (e.g. Salinity and Sodicity Mapping, Soil Erosion Risk Determination, Water-Logging Assessment etc.)
  • Training and Consultancy in Planning of Sustained Use of Land Resources
  • Trafficability Studies

Punjab Agricultural Research Board

Directorate of Agriculture (Economics & Marketing)

Directorate of Agriculture (Crop Reporting Services)

Directorate of Agricultural (Information)

Punjab Seed Corporation

Directorate of Floriculture (T & R)

  • Free trainings on floriculture & landscaping
  • Free advisory services are provided to flower growers on production technology of commercial floriculture crops
  • Distribution of vegetable seeds kits to promote kitchen gardening
  • Kitchen gardening training in schools, colleges, universities and other departments
  • Control of mealy bug in GORs
  • All types of Ornamental plants are available for sale on economical rates from sale points established at different sub stations of Directorate of Floriculture