Agriculture is the mainstay of Pakistan's economy. It accounts for 19% of the GDP and together with agro-based products fetches 80% of the country’s total export earnings. More than 42.3% of the labour force is engaged in this sector.

The most populated province of Punjab provides the largest share in national agricultural production. Agriculture offers 19% of the GDP and gives employment to 48% of the population. It contributes in provision of raw materials to major industries; textile, leather, rice processing, edible oil, sugar and various food processing industries. Pakistan’s total export has a three fourth share of agriculture and 60% of this share comes from Punjab. Over years, Punjab has tried to meet the challenges of food security.

Punjab becomes the second largest province making 25.9% of the country's total land, with its area of 20.63 million hectares. Land utilization status is accessible for 86% of the aggregate territory; while 14% land stays unreported. Another 14% of the area is not available for agriculture due to either being totally fertile or being occupied by infrastructure consequently only 72% of the land is available for cropping. 10.81 million hectares (53%) is a net sown area; an area that is cultivated at least once and year. 9% of the land is categorized as current fallow; an area that is not used for cultivation during a year. 8% land is marked as culturable waste which means an area that is not cultivated for more than three years and is a part of cultivated area.

Census of agriculture 2016-17 shows that there were 5,249,800 agriculture farms in Punjab, these farms consist majorly of very small farms. 42% of the farms are even less than one hector. Farms ranging from one hectare to 10 hectares make up half of the total number of farms and they occupy 68.9 % of the total area. Farms consisting of 10 hectare and above are 22.2 % of the total farm area.

Punjab’s total cropped area was 16.68 million hectares; this depicts that 5.87 million hectares was sown more than once during the year. In 2018-19, wheat was cropped in 40% of the land similarly cotton occupies 11.5 % and rice 12.8 % the Punjab’s total cropped area.
To fulfill the needs of the livestock population of the province, fodder was cropped in 11% of the, following Maize and Sugarcane occupying 4.2 % and 4.8% area respectively. Oilseeds, pulses and vegetables were cropped only in 12 % of the area.

The mission is to sustain food security and support the national economy, making agriculture cost effective and knowledge based, with emphasis on farmer’s welfare and maintenance of the yield potentials.

Land Utilization Statistics


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